About Us

Welcome to Amzbassador, your premier software solution for facilitating Amazon Brands to feature their products on Amazon Live by connecting with Amazon Influencers. We are dedicated to empowering brands and influencers to collaborate and create engaging live shopping experiences for customers on the Amazon platform.

At Amzbassador, we understand the power of influencer marketing and the immense impact it can have on driving sales and brand visibility. With the rise of Amazon Live, a platform that allows brands to showcase their products through live streaming, we recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process of connecting brands with influential individuals who can effectively promote their products.

Our software platform acts as a bridge between Amazon Brands and Amazon Influencers, providing a seamless and efficient way to establish and manage collaborations. By leveraging our innovative technology, brands can connect with influencers who have built a loyal and engaged following on Amazon, maximizing the reach and impact of their product promotions.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing exceptional service to both brands and influencers. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the collaboration process, allowing brands to easily find influencers whose audience aligns with their target market. Likewise, influencers can discover exciting products from top Amazon Brands, enabling them to curate compelling live shopping experiences for their audience.

Key Features of Amzbassador:

  1. Influencer Discovery: Our platform provides powerful search capabilities, enabling brands to find influencers based on various criteria such as product category, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and more. This ensures that brands can connect with influencers who are most relevant to their target audience.

  2. Collaboration Management: Amzbassador simplifies the collaboration process by providing a centralized hub for brands and influencers to communicate, negotiate terms, and track campaign performance. Our intuitive dashboard allows for seamless collaboration, saving time and effort for all parties involved.

  3. Live Stream Integration: With our software, brands can easily integrate their product catalog and promotional assets into Amazon Live, ensuring a seamless experience for influencers and viewers. This integration enhances the overall live shopping experience, driving increased sales and brand exposure.

  4. Performance Analytics: We understand the importance of data-driven decision making. Amzbassador offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, allowing brands to track the performance of their collaborations, measure ROI, and optimize future campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

At Amzbassador, we are passionate about fostering meaningful connections between Amazon Brands and Amazon Influencers. We believe in the power of collaboration and the potential it holds for driving business growth and customer engagement. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way brands and influencers connect on Amazon Live.

Contact us today to learn more about how Amzbassador can help your brand thrive in the world of live shopping on Amazon. Together, let's create exceptional experiences that captivate audiences and generate lasting success.